BELOVED MOUNTAIN GUIDE DOG PASSES AWAY - "Tillie hiked the mountain as often as 10 times a day and stayed loyal to whatever group she started out with."

Tillie, a 13-year-old Border Collie mix was discovered wandering around Berea College in Kentucky when she was a puppy. She quickly became a fixture around the Indian Fort Mountain Trails and accompanied hikers on their hikes. She was subsequently adopted by the Deaver family. Sadly, Tillie recently passed away due to illness. Read more from the Richmond Register:

Tillie made an impression on the many who visited the Indian Fort Mountain trails over the years as she could almost always be seen waiting at the bottom of the mountain to accompany hikers up the trail.

“My name is Tillie. I am not a stray. I live next door. Let’s go for a hike,” the tag on her collar said.

Ten years ago, Tillie found a home with Ron and Bhana Deaver, who reside on the edge of the Berea College forest next to Indian Fort Theater on KY 21. That’s when Tillie’s career began as the unofficial Pinnacle guide dog. 


In June, the Deavers announced Tillie had an invasive growth in the lining of her bladder. News of Tillie’s condition spread fast, and hikers began hitting the trails to catch a glimpse of the famous dog.

Tillie touched many lives and her presence will be missed on the trails. Click here for the full story and here for Tillie’s Facebook page. (Top photo by Crystal Wylie)

So sad, but it sounds like she had the perfect life for a dog!

Great story! She was basically everybody’s dog.